Continents and Main Regions

The Five Lands is named because it has five very distinct continents:

Rhodannius was a continent of civilized humanoids. Long ago orcs, goblins, and other foul creatures came streaming out of the ground united under one leader. They drove the civilized peoples into Sarevand, making Rhodannius into their own country.

Sarevand is a grouping of mostly humanoid countries. It used to be a sparsely populated land with a few roaming nomadic tribes. It was formed when the the old people of Rhodannius fled They are all tenuous allies against the threat of Garushia but sometimes will engage in petty conflicts. These disagreements rarely develop into actual war.

No one who has traveled to Arcantia has come made it back alive. A mysterious land wreathed in mists, Arcantia is the object of many powerful entities curiosity. Many scholarly expeditions have been sent to Arcantia with no success. Once the mists engulf them there is no chance of return. The order of Sages that call themselves The Pursuit of Arcantia is group of sages and explorers dedicated to discovering the secrets of Arcantia.


Olvanaia is the land of the Elves.

The Frozen Moors

Continents and Main Regions

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